What’s the difference between the Third Wave Leadership Campus and other VOI Trainings? 

  • VETI – Victory Education & Training Institute equips students with formal Biblical education.
  • UTC – The Urban Training Center shapes new leaders for their future.
  • MTC – The Missions Training Center trains missionaries for global missions. As of October 2019, the MTC is now in Panama.
  • VOBC – Victory Outreach Bible College is the next step for VETI graduates and instills a deeper Biblical understanding.
  • The Arguinzoni Academy provides practical ministry training.
  • The Third Wave Leadership Campus develops world-class leaders. Requirement: 30 VETI units.

How much does it cost?

The cost of each 6-month track is $2500 ($5K/year). The cost for couples is $4000. for each 6 month track (8K/year).

Can I make payments?

Yes, a payment schedule is available. Credit card payments must be made one month in advance for the amount of $417 each (singles) or $667 / month for married couples.

Can I bring my car?

Due to space and parking, you should not bring a car. Transportation will be provided.

Can I leave on the weekends?

Students in the program may not leave on the weekends as part of the training requires travel to churches and ministry events.

Is there a free day?

Depending upon the schedule, there will be a free day on Mondays.

What will I earn?

Students in the 12-month program will earn an Associate in Urban Ministry Leadership.

Can I bring my laptop?

Yes, all students must bring their own laptop or tablet.

Are meals included?

Yes, three meals a day are included in the tuition price.

Do I have to pay for books?

Yes, each student will need to pay for books. The approximate cost of books is $25 each.

When are the enrollment periods?

Enrollment follows the VOI Ministry of Education Academic Calendar on GetVeti.com 

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Where will the courses take place?

Courses will take place in Victory Outreach Whittier. Additional training takes place in the two live-in residences.

Where are the live-in campuses located?

One residence is located in Whittier, Ca. and another in Ontario, Ca.

Why is there a 30-unit VETI requirement?

The Third Wave School of Leadership is designed for those who already have some formal Biblical training and ministry experience. In addition, the school is for those who desire to sharpen their leadership skills and continue to grow in their calling.

How many credits will I earn?

In order to earn an Associate in Urban Ministry Leadership, students need to complete 72 units. When a student completes the 6-month track he or she earns 30 units for a total of 60 units (including the 30 unit requirement). Another reason for the 30-unit requirement is to prepare students for the ministerial credential exam which requires a minimum of 45 units. 

When a student completes the 12-month track he or she earns 60 units for a total of 90 units (including the 30 unit requirement). Students can graduate VETI when he or she completed 72 units (19 core courses and 5 elective courses).

Can I transfer the Associate in Urban Ministry Leadership to another school?

It is up to the receiving school to decide if they will recognize the Urban Ministry Leadership Associate. If you have plans to transfer to another school, make sure to contact them first.

Can I transfer the Associate in Urban Ministry Leadership to VETI?

Yes, all courses in the Associate in Urban Ministry Leadership curriculum transfer over to VETI as elective courses.