What’s the difference between the Third Wave Leadership Campus and other VOI Trainings? 

  • VETI – Victory Education & Training Institute equips students with formal Biblical education.
  • UTC – The Urban Training Center shapes new leaders for their future.
  • VOBC – Victory Outreach Bible College is the next step for VETI graduates and instills a deeper Biblical understanding.
  • The Arguinzoni Academy provides practical ministry training.
  • The Third Wave Leadership Campus develops world-class leaders.

How much does it cost?

The cost of each 6-month track is $2500 ($5K/year). The cost for couples is $4000. for each 6 month track (8K/year).

*No refunds.

Can I make payments?

No, currently you cannot make payments.

Can I bring my car?

Due to space and parking, you should not bring a car. Transportation will be provided.

Can I leave on the weekends?

Students in the program may not leave on the weekends as part of the training requires travel to churches and ministry events.

Is there a free day?

Depending upon the schedule, there will be a free day on Mondays.

What will I earn?

Students in the 6-month program will earn a 6 month diploma in Urban Ministry Leadership.

Students in the 12-month program will earn a 12 month diploma in Urban Ministry Leadership.

Can I bring my laptop?

Yes, all students must bring their own laptop or tablet.

Are meals included?

Yes, three meals a day are included in the tuition price.

Do I have to pay for books?

Yes, each student will need to pay for books. The approximate cost of books is $25 each.

When are the enrollment periods?

Enrollment follows the VOI Ministry of Education Academic Calendar on GetVeti.com 

Enrollment Dates: March 10th & September 10th

Where will the courses take place?

Courses will take place in Victory Outreach Whittier. Additional training takes place in the two live-in residences.

Where are the live-in campuses located?

One residence is located in Whittier, Ca. and another in Ontario, Ca.

Are there any requirements?

-Ages 18-45

-Single or married (no children)

-1 year ministry experience

-Pastoral approval

How many credits will I earn?

6 month students will earn 33 credits.

12 month students will earn 63 credits.

Can I transfer the diploma in Urban Ministry Leadership to VETI?

Yes, all courses in the Associate in Urban Ministry Leadership curriculum transfer over to VETI as elective courses.

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